The Travel Mug

When Levi was born, Dawn took over coffee duty.  The first morning that I had coffee after being in labor for an entire weekend was the day after he was born.  That first sip was unforgettable.  A little taste of normalcy in a world turned upside down.  The first sip was from the adult version of the sippy cup — aka, the travel mug.

Dawn had come up with very smart idea to put the coffee in a travel mug since I was simultaneously trying to drink hot liquid and nurse a newborn.  Since then the travel mug has become an key component of my daily coffee ritual.  I even hashtag
#travelmug on instagram.

IMG_0222I had always heard stories of moms unable to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.  One mom I know would repeatedly find her mug of coffee in the microwave — the NEXT DAY — where she had placed it to reheat with the hope of actually enjoying it.  The beauty of the travel mug is that in addition to it being less likely to spill on the little one, my coffee stays hot for hours in the morning, which is generally how long it takes me to actually drink it.  I think all moms should start having their coffee in a travel mug.

There are, however, mornings when I tip-toe down the stairs before everyone is awake, and I savor the silence and ripe possibility that morning holds.  In these moments I understand what all the moms who have come before me mean when they describe similar early morning moments with the house all to themselves.  It is also in these mIMG_0265oments when I kind of crave the feeling of a “real” ceramic mug in my hand: a brightly painted mug that fits smoothly into my hand — cool on the outside with the steam floating  from the top.

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