The things that make you feel “normal”

For me these things include having clean sheets and a tidily made bed. For the dishes to be done (clean kitchen).  I also love stuffing pocket diapers and then distributing them into baskets throughout the house (we double everything on first floor and second — might not be the most simple, but really convenient).  Overall, a perfectly organized house, but we are trying to shoot within range here. My neighbor says that for her the one thing was showering and shaving her legs every day. I get way more done on the days when I don’t shower, and certainly not shaving my legs saves me even more time, so I would rather change/make the bed.

Now at five months, the one single attainable thing for me is getting the bed neatly made.  It makes me happy throughout the day to look at it, and it makes it inviting at night to crawl into (although by the time I make it to bed, I’m sure I don’t need an invitation).  Granted it looks nothing like the beds in stare at longingly in The Company Store, Garnet Hill, and Sundance, but it is orderly, and that is what matters most.  I’ve developed a routine of putting him in his bumpo with a few toys and making the bed while we chat and he plays.  I often use this time to throw on some clothes as well.

We all have our “thing.” What is yours?

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