Back to Blogging?

Even the dog is sleeping….

So I rushed to the computer.  This was it:  My chance to write!  I never get a nap time out from under baby.  I had two typing hands, and I was going to settle down and accomplish my recently set goal of writing two posts per week.

As I sat down and scanned for my wordpress tab, there it was, my half completed virtual LOFT shopping bag.  Maybe I will just squeeze some online shopping in….

On November 1st, I started an Instagram challenge (#30mamamornings) created by the founder of The Abundant Mama Project.  Each morning @awakeshawn gives a prompt for a photo + text that represents the beauty of our day as it begins.  Technically it is supposed to begin early — before the little one(s) have risen.  That is not currently possible in my life as a night nursing mom, as I need all the sleep I can get, and getting up before a babe who is often up at 5:30 isn’t exactly fulfilling that need.  Even though I am not technically a #riseandshinemama, I am a up and at ’em early with little one mama, and so I’ve been actively engaging in the challenge (only missing one day so far, and that was because I was so busy actually enacting the prompt — to get moving — that I didn’t take the time to capture a photo).  I must say, it has been a little life altering.


Day 2:

So while I did not end up returning to the blog back in November, I did end up completing the Abundant Mama Instagram challenge.  And it did actually lead me to this new challenge (21 consecutive days of blogging) that I have set for myself.  The small group of abundant mamas that I found via Instagram along with those who participated in Shawn Fink’s free webinar at the start of this year really inspired me in terms of recommitting to a regular writing practice, which requires unearthing a bit of the old me (teacher/writer/academic/thinker) from the “new” me (woman who is proud to be wearing clothes when she leaves the house/mama who has managed to keep her child alive for a year).  The “rise and shine” aspect of The Abundant Mama project really appeals to me as a former morning person, and I was hoping that as we hit the year mark and slowed down on breastfeeding (more on that in an upcoming post…) I might be able to get my mornings back.  

For a week now I have tried every morning to nurse Levi back to sleep at his 4:45/5/5:30 am feeding and transfer him successfully back into his crib so that I might have the mornings to write.  Every morning for a week now Levi has refused to go back into his crib, so I end up not sleeping AND not writing.  I have to come to terms with the fact that this new writing schedule that I so looked forward to starting clearly doesn’t jive with Levi’s schedule.   I must find the workaround.  


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