Working Mommy Blogger

Day 4/5:

I am putting up two posts today for my personal 21 day blogging challenge because I missed posting yesterday.  Wednesdays are kicking my a*s, as I teach until 8:45pm (and total mommy brain last night — I let my students out at 8:30, forgetting that the class runs until 8:45.  No wonder I wasn’t able to fit everything in…).  All that is to say, that getting a post up yesterday wasn’t possible.

There are a number of issues that I am running into with this blogging challenge:

  1. It is taking away from my evening journaling time.  If I get to the end of the day, and I haven’t posted (which has been every day so far…) I use the my journaling time to get a post up.  The problem with this is that the blog challenge was intended (by me) to be additional daily writing, not in lieu of….  Le sigh…such is the life of mommy/wanna-be writer/blogger.
  2. Related to number one is that many of posts end up reading like journal entries.  They are either too raw/unpolished for my liking or they are writing about writing (or trying to write), which is what I tend to call “writing my way into” whatever I am actually supposed to be or trying to write.  It’s turning it into a mommy/writer blog as opposed to the kind of reflective first-time parent unabashedly in pursuit of perfection blog that it originated as.
  3. I already forget what the third thing is….  Oh, right…the third is related to the second in that the advice that Linda Felder gives in her book, Writing for the Web, is not to sacrifice quality of posts in pursuit of meeting a challenge (see below) to get out fresh content quickly.  I feel like I am doing that, yet I persist.

Despite all of this, it does feel good to make time to be at the keyboard writing regularly.  The point of the blogging challenge was to overcome this fear of publishing unpolished or not-ready-yet posts.  I need to start practicing what I teach, and in the recent chapter (12) that we read from Writing For the Web, Felder lists a number of possible blogging challenges including things like 365 days of posts, 52 posts (weekly), and so on….

Lastly, I will just say that I really want to finish this challenge (accomplish it), because I already have an idea for my next 21 day challenge that will involve prompts and networking with other mommy bloggers (a kind of carnival so to speak).  I am really excited about it, but want to prove first to myself that I am capable of putting up content daily.



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