Enough is Enough

Day 8:

Ever since becoming a mom, I spend a lot of time saying “it is never enough.”   I go all day.  I work hard.  I don’t rest, and yet I get to the end of every day for the past year, look around the house and say, filled with disappointment, “It is never enough.”  

Tonight as I stood doing dishes, cleaning bottles and pump parts, I was thinking to myself about how a mother’s work is never done.  But the part that I struggle with more than it never being done (because, after all, I don’t mind working, so having more work ahead of me — even if it is the same work day in and day out– is doable) is the fact that I feel like not only is it never done, but it never done well enough.  All the work we put in and it is never up to my standards  

For example, we spent the weekend at home.  I would imagine for the amount of time we spent in this house, the house should be perfect.  In fact, it is so far from that.  It frustrates me.  To keep from getting really down on myself, I started writing down one mantra from Abundant Mama’s list to end my day feeling like “it” is/I am enough.  So each night in my journal, along with my 3 accomplishments and my two items of gratitude, I try to write down one “enough” saying.  

Tonight I will say:  “It will all get done.”  

I don’t always believe the mantra (especially this one), but I try.  

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