Perfect Halloween


Like seemingly everyone in the world (I feel certain this perception is shaped by my SMS feeds, which seem to just invite pumpkin posts), I love this time of year.  It’s my favorite.  Every year for over a decade, my wife and I go all out decorating for Halloween.  Our aesthetic has ranged from cute to scary and sometimes a mixture of both.  As with most things in life, I always want our decorations to look perfect, but they never quite do.  They always fall short (kind of like the picture above — the fact that Levi’s bibs are in the background in their loud green manner really takes away from the picture and bugs the crap out of me.  Always just short).

Last night I was out walking the dog.  It was the kind of fall evening that you just want to bottle up.  Granted I was freezing (note to self:  It’s okay to take out gloves now after dusk), but the moon was just emerging while kids rode home on their bikes.  The smells of neighbors’ dinners greeted me, and, most importantly, Halloween decorations were glowing (and sneering).  Total idyllic suburbia.

There are two houses in our neighborhood that decorate for every holiday and really stand out at doing so.  Sitting across the street from each other there is a rivalry between them, and both are always perfect.  As I approached the houses last night — perfect as always — I started wondering if they both realize how incredible their decorations look.  Like, are they able to step back to the road, take it all in, and say, Yup – perfection has been attained.  Or do they also wrinkle their nose, wishing for better, thinking the mum would look better somewhere else or the door hanging seems off just bit?  (Isn’t this what we all wonder about beautiful people?  Do they look in the mirror and see it, or are they just like the rest of us, busy critiquing?)

I returned home to my currently unadorned yard with the realization that we will just be lucky to get our decorations up this year (I brought them up from the basement to the garage almost two weeks ago, and we just have not had a minute to get it done).  The perfect Halloween decor will have to wait (probably forever)….




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