School Picture Day

Today is picture day at Levi’s school, and I am feeling this small bit of thrill over it.  It is a strange feeling since I never pictured (ha!) myself as someone who would have any kind of feeling at all over such a seemingly mundane event.

Yesterday, while I was at Levi’s school, I picked up a copy of our local Parent Pages.  Now I’ve been a parent for nearly two years and admit that I’ve never before picked up this free publication.  I am not sure why this is, but as I flipped through it very briefly, I was struck with the thought that I’m totally out of touch with the subculture of parenting.  Perhaps this is because my child is still a bit on the young side to really participate in a lot of activities designed for young children.  I feel like a lot of that begins after the age of two.  We tend to opt out of a lot of activities (trick or treating, for example) because of the fact that he is still too young to really understand, appreciate, and/or remember what is going on.  However, he is quickly approaching the age when this will no longer be the case, and I just discovered there is a lot I have to learn.

(Granted, Dawn did just tell me about a local band, The Zucchini Brothers, who describe themselves as the Beatles of children’s music.  So at least I now have that knowledge!).

I just find it interesting that we have yet to make any major shifts in what we do, where we go, and what we see since having Levi.  That’s not to say our lives haven’t changed drastically and that the distribution of activities isn’t different.  For example, I see a lot less of the inside of the gym than I once did, and a lot more of the inside of the Kids’ Korner at the gym than I ever imagined.  We still go to the library, but most our time is spent in the children’s section, while once in awhile I race through the nonfiction aisles grabbing books on potty training.  And we’ve added playgrounds to our life, which is a fun new dimension.  Beyond that though I really didn’t think about the world of possibilities for family/kid specific activities that exist out there.

Does that make us lame parents?  The jury is still out.

So yes, picture day!  There is just something about having official pictures taken of your kind, of receiving the overpriced prints and passing out wallet-sized versions to friends and family who don’t know what to do with the small, posed picture of your child with the fake smile to make you feel like a real parent — a feeling I don’t often experience.

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